Protect your product and brand effectively

The known and available anti-counterfeiting technologies are not perfect and are often quite archaic. It is time to reach for the latest solutions that will support your brand on many levels.

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Set standards for the future

Product and brand protection is a must in today's world. Veriori's solutions offer a new quality on the brand protection market, with which you will gain much more than just product protection:

  • Responsibility in the DNA of your brand
  • Complementary solution that supports the operation of almost every department of the company
  • Minimising the risk of image loss
  • Security and loyalty of customers
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Veriori’s products

Veriori's award-winning technology is an innovative solution that is both versatile and easy to adopt in brand protection processes in any industry.


Possibilities of use

A unique identifier for each product makes it possible to trace its history - from its creation to its purchase by the consumer. All you need is a standard reader or a phone application. This offers endless possibilities to support a variety of brand and product-related activities:


Sales and Marketing

The code layer can store information that can be used for effective and data-driven promotional campaigns, consumer competitions, and many other activities.


Customer Service

Easily accessible code scanning facilitates contact with the relevant after-sales department and considerably simplifies the complaint lodging process.


Understanding Customer preferences

The code can be used to collect statistical data (e.g. on interest in a particular brand or a particular product).


Distribution optimisation

The system makes it possible to control the supply chain. Unique identifiers allow the location of goods to be tracked or sales data to be easily extracted.

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A solution based on a commonly used QR code.


Code scannable with almost any smartphone, no special qualifications required.


Crypto QR Code unique for each product.


Encryption preventing code cracking.

Dynamic redirection

Allows you to "bury" and change information or actions in the code without changing the package.


Access to detailed data related to the product scanning history and the possibility of its advanced analysis.

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Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

80,7 mld złotych

wartości sprzedaży tracą co roku w UE w wyniku podrabiania sektory produktów kosmetycznych, alkoholowych, farmaceutyczny oraz zabawek i gier

EUR 26.3 billion

That’s how much clothing companies lost from counterfeit products in 2020 alone

EUR 200 billion

That’s the estimated global profit from the sales of counterfeit medicines. This is the most lucrative segment of the entire counterfeiting business