Support your sales with technology

While Veriori's solutions take care of the security and authenticity of your  roducts, you can focus on using our technology in the sales process.

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Be even closer to your customers

Veriori's solutions are an effective support for sales and marketing departments. They make it possible to stand out from competitors by the form and effectiveness of reaching selected groups of users. With us you will:

  • Increase sales performance and build a sustainable market position
  • Improve planning and execution of sales processes
  • Make it easier for the department to account for campaigns and to determine their purpose
  • Gain highly accurate data to build your market advantage
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Veriori’s products

Our technological solutions are unique and at the same time versatile enough to be used in brand management and sales processes in any industry.


Possibilities of use

The system operates on the basis of a unique identifier for each product. Easily scanned, it enables conversion directly from the product to any online brand channel. This ensures communication that will engage your customers on multiple levels:


Promotional campaigns

Precise and pinpoint planning of promotions, for instance,  for Christmas, for specific products (no need to mark up series) and certainty that campaigns are carried out with authentic products only.


Programy lojalnościowe i cashback

Zmniejszenie kosztów obsługi oraz podniesienie jakości i efektywności działań, dzięki natychmiastowym rezultatom, które Klient zyskuje jednym kliknięciem (zeskanowaniem).

New quality of communication

The possibility to use and display any content and format to the Customer, e.g. interactive text, graphics, audio, video, augmented reality and much more.


Geolocation and gamification

Presentation of multimedia product materials or any activity - also with the use of geolocation and support for gamification mechanisms.


More benefits


A solution based on a commonly used QR code.


Crypto QR Code unique to each individual product.


Code scannable with almost any smartphone, no special qualifications required.


Crypto QR Code unique for each product.


Access to detailed data related to the product scanning history and the possibility of its advanced analysis.


Processes and legal acts as well as repetitive activities.

Dynamic redirection

Allows you to "bury" and change information or actions in the code without changing the package.

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Scale of the problem

Fałszerstwo nie dotyczy już wyłącznie markowych i luksusowych produktów,
a skala problemu stale rośnie.

82% of consumers

are more likely to buy products from a brand that quickly changes its strategy to better meet their need

70% of consumers

value digital solutions that deepen their relationship with a brand

66% of consumers

lose trust in a brand that has only acted in their best interest


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