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Fraud affects almost every industry and it can take many forms. To effectively identify it, combat it and, as a result, protect yourself from its negative effects, opt for Veriori's effective solutions.

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Main needs and challenges relating to brand protection:


Veriori’s products

Our technological solutions are unique and at the same time versatile enough to be used in brand management and sales processes in any industry.

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The technology is based on a commonly used QR code and can be accessed from a smartphone, thus requiring no special qualifications from the personnel.


Encryption preventing code cracking.


The cryptographic algorithms used and the system design guarantee its effectiveness.


Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

PLN 10.8 billion

That’s how much losses in just two European sectors (cosmetics and personal care) have increased since 2019 due to counterfeiting

EUR 121 billion

That’s the total value of the counterfeit market in the EU in 2020. This is roughly as much as Poland has received in total from the EU budget since 2004

EUR 17 million

LVHM spends €17 million a year on legal action to fight counterfeiting of its brands


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