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Protecting your brand against counterfeiting has never been easier. Learn more about our technology, which will enable you to implement smoothly a new standard in the verification of the authenticity of your products and documents.


Main needs and challenges relating to the brand protection:


Veriori’s products

Veriori's award-winning technology is an innovative solution that is both versatile and easy to adopt in brand protection processes in any industry.

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The technology is based on a commonly used QR code and can be accessed from a smartphone, thus requiring no special qualifications from the personnel.


The possibility of reporting to manufacturers information gathered in the distribution process, e.g. on parallel imports.

Data analysis

Identifying and storing information on a specific item or series.


Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

PLN 80.7 billion

is lost in sales value annually in the EU as a result of counterfeiting in the cosmetics, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, toys and games industries

EUR 26.3 billion

That’s how much clothing companies lost as a result of counterfeit products in 2020 alone

EUR 200 billion

That’s the estimated global profit from the sales of counterfeit medicines. This is the most lucrative segment of the entire counterfeiting business


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