Unique Device Identifier Plus

Ensure the safety of medical and pharmaceutical products

Veriori’s Unique Device Identifier Plus (UDI+) is a reliable system for securing medicines and medical devices against counterfeiting.

This solution ensures the sense of security both for patients and for medical manufacturers and distributors.

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Act in a responsible manner

In addition to full compliance with Data Matrix formal requirements, the UDI+ system enables a number of additional activities to support product sales and supply chain control, such as:

  • Advanced analysis of collected data
  • Opening a new channel of communication with the customer
  • Traceability of each individual product in the series
  • Initiating online activities – both promotional and educational activities
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With UDI+, the product is marked with an identifier that is unique for each package. It is a global system compliant with the applicable EU directive and Data Matrix requirements. It has been expanded by additional functionality, which, among other aspects, allows for opening a new channel of direct communication with product recipients.

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Possibilities of use

Manufacturers as well as clinics, healthcare facilities and retailers can support and expand their daily operations with a simple code scanning mechanism.


Sales and Marketing

The code layer can store information that can be used for effective and data-driven promotional campaigns etc.


Customer Service

Easily accessible code scanning facilitates contact with Customer Service and considerably simplifies the complaint lodging process or providing after-sales support.


Monitoring of adverse reactions

The identification of each product allows a faster and more efficient way to reach individual consumers in the event of an adverse reaction.


Product materials

The code placed on the product enables the initiation of any interaction with the patient or specialist in the mobile channel, e.g. within educational campaigns.

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Veriori’s Crypto Data Matrix


A solution based on a commonly used QR code.


Each code is unique for each product.


Encryption preventing code cracking.


Code scannable with almost any smartphone.


Dynamic redirection allows information or actions to be "buried" and changed in the code without changing the packaging.

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Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

1 million people

die each year from using counterfeit medicines according to the World Health Organisation

EUR 33.5 million

That’s the total value of counterfeit vaccines for COVID-19 that US services seized in 2020 alone

EUR 200 billion

That’s the estimated global profit from the sales of counterfeit medicines. This is the most lucrative segment of the entire counterfeiting business


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