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FMCG products are among the most counterfeited. Discover the missing piece of your company's digital transformation to help ensure product authenticity and Customer loyalty.

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Be transparent

By investing in Veriori solutions dedicated to the FMCG industry, you provide your Customers with quick and easy access to accurate product information. You gain the following for your company:

  • Brand support throughout the product life cycle
  • Image protection and brand authentication
  • Strengthening and streamlining sales and marketing processes
  • Valuable data to help you build a market advantage over your competitors
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Possibilities of use

Veriori's solutions for the FMCG industry make it possible to trace every single product - from its creation to its purchase by the consumer. All you need is a standard reader or a phone application. This provides endless possibilities to support a variety of brand and product-related activities:


Sales and Marketing

The code layer can store information that can be used for effective and data-driven promotional campaigns, consumer competitions and many other activities.


Customer Service

Easily accessible code scanning simplifies the contact between consumers and Customer Service and makes the process of lodging a complaint or after-sales support much more efficient.


Understanding Customer preferences

The code can be used to collect statistical data (e.g. on interest in a particular brand or product).


Distribution optimisation

The system enables control of the supply chain. Unique identifiers allow the location of goods to be tracked and sales data to be easily extracted.

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More benefits

Protection of the image

Product care means preventing black PR and image crisis.

Customer proximity

Possibility of involving the Customer in the verification of authenticity.

Additional serialisation

And encryption preventing code cracking.


Code scannable with almost any smartphone.


Dynamic redirection allows information or actions to be "buried" and changed in the code without changing the packaging.


Access to detailed data related to the product scanning history and the possibility of its advanced analysis.

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Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

EUR 26.3 billion

That’s how much clothing companies lost as a result of counterfeit products in 2020 alone

EUR 121 billion

That’s the total value of EU imports of counterfeit and pirated products

EUR 17 million

LVHM spends annually on legal action against counterfeiting of its brands


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