Protect diplomas from counterfeiting

cDiploma enables you to verify instantly the authenticity of both printed and digital diplomas. This is the solution that will enable you to prevent counterfeiting and protect the reputation of your institution.

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Set standards for the future

The implementation of the cDiploma system is another step towards digitisation of universities and educational and training institutions. The system makes it possible to improve substantially the operation of these institutions in the fields of:

  • Protection of the image and reputation
  • Analysis of candidates' competence profiles
  • Implementation of e-diplomas
  • Improving the efficiency of recruitment processes
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Using advanced cryptographic methods, the system secures the authenticity of diplomas and prevents unauthorised people from using them. It is an easy solution to implement, thanks to the possibility of integration with any deanery system.

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Possibilities of use

A significant improvement in the process of authenticating diplomas and documents has an impact on other activities of educational organisations and companies.


Process automation

Printed and traditional correspondence between universities and colleges is being replaced by a modernised process requiring only a smartphone and a free app.


Data exchange in compliance with GDPR

Without making sensitive data available, the system allows a quick verification of application documents (also in the form of scans and printouts).


Tracking achievements of graduates

The possibility of communicating with and tracking the career paths of university graduates facilitates the preparation of required reports and the adaptation of the offer to the labour market.


Improving marketing

The new marketing communication tool for universities allows for easy and quick contact with system users (e.g. push notifications).

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Dedicated application

Mobile access to data and ability to verify documents instantly.


Possibility of integration with any deanery system, LMS, Microsoft Office.

Knowledge base

Access to aggregated information and possibility to analyse competence profiles and track career progression of graduates.


Reduction in expenditure on protecting university's intellectual property and prevention of counterfeiting.

Easy implementation

The introduction of technology does not require any time or changes to existing procedures and regulations.


The cryptographic algorithms used and the system design guarantee its effectiveness and use for up to 20 years.

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Scale of the problem

Counterfeiting is no longer exclusive to branded and luxury products and the scale of the problem is growing.

10% of diplomas

from UK universities were issued by non-existent institutions or had falsified data

1 in 10 people

use a falsified diploma or certificate to prove their education or skills

237 thousand diploma theses

on the basis of which the relevant authorisations and titles were granted, passed through the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System in 2019